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Mr. Brookman graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Mathematics and concentrations in Computer Science, Economics and Fine Arts. He attended graduate school at Stanford with an MS in Operations Research and spent nearly 20 years at Bell Laboratories working in telecommunications, operations and large managed service environments. While at Bell laboratories he was part of UNIX System Laboratories, a spin-off where he served as Director of Strategy and Product Management and at Novell following its acquisition. He play a key role in selling the Unix Systems Division of Novell to Hewlett Packard, Santa Cruz Operation, and BEA Systems. Mr. Brookman then worked for Hewlett Packard in their large systems division. His first venture backed company was Qtopics providing community based polling, and later Improv Technologies providing a highly distributed computing services platform. He served on the board of directors for Microlog Corporation (A multi-channel customer engagement solution) and became President and CEO in, 2003-2006 where he worked with more than 30 military and veteran healthcare facilities on Access-to-Care. Other notable operating experience include: AT&T 411 and toll operations, Avaya products, Siemens Rolm products, IVR solutions for Veterans Benefits, IRS, Lottery, State of Montana, Off-Track Betting, over 30 Military Hospitals, Eckerd and other Pharmacies, and Veterans Affairs, Center for Enterprising Veterans, the Department of Labor with 115 offices nationwide. Mr. Brookman has also served as an expert witness on behalf of Ronald Katz patent infringement lawsuit against GE Money/Finance and Appliance.