jill homan, RNC Committeewoman

Jill Homan was elected as the National Committeewoman from the District of Columbia in April 2012. She is as an Executive Committee member of the DC Republican Committee and a board member and Vice President of the League of Republican Women in DC. Formerly, she served as the Co-Chair for the Romney-Ryan campaign in DC and an Alternate Delegate to the 2012 Convention. She co-launched and advises the DC Republicans “35 under 35,” an organization that aims to engage young professionals in Republican politics. Homan is the co-founder and principal of Javelin 19 Investments, a real estate investment and development company and previously worked as Vice President of Perseus Realty. Homan also worked on Capitol Hill for former Congressman Bob Ehrlich (R-MD) as his legislative assistant and press secretary and assisted with Norm Coleman’s (MN) election for US Senate and John McCain’s and George W. Bush’s presidential campaigns.